The Common Core State Standards Initiative Essay

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Change is Coming

Ready or not, “change is a comin,” and has already arrived at the dismay of many parents and educators. Americans are unhappy with the education system in the United States, and the government is trying to find a solution. The United States has been spending money on educational reform and American students still rank low in math and science to other developed countries. The latest idea to be implemented is the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which is supposed to strength our educational system. Many of the states have accepted the Common Core State Standards, but they have not been popular with teachers, parents, or students. Changing an education system that is not broken may do more harm than good.
The Common Core State Standards appeared to originate out of the blue and looked to be an assault on the states’ privileges to regulate local instruction. For individuals who were participating in making the standards, this became a very long effort to increase the levels of success of students throughout the United States (Bidwell, 2014). The Common Core State Standards have been in the process since 2008. It began with past Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano who composed an initiative for the year as past chairman of the National Governors Association (Bidwell, 2014). Her initiative concentrated on improving math and science teaching, as well as the workforce. She eventually created a task force that put out a report in December 2008 that would…

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