The Colosseum Of The City Of Austin Essay

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In ancient Rome where did you go to have fun or enjoy a show, interact with people. Was their a place or building that can be able to entertain the crowd. Well the Colosseum was the only way where people from Rome, Italy were able to go for entertainment. The Colosseum was design as an amphitheater arena for the people from Rome can enjoy the violent shows they hold. In Rome, Italy during that ancient time it was a very violent and scare era. Therefore, they entertain themselves with gladiator fight and animal attack and the crowd will go wild for that show. The Colosseum architecture was designed purposely to be like an amphitheater. In the city of Austin which is a very popular city in Texas and it is growing more every year. The city of Austin known for its live music and concert event they needed to have a structure that is capable of holding a thousands of people for a concert. The circular structure was designed purposely for special events like concerts as its location is in the city of music. These architecture were giving this space in the environment being a unique design that flows with the city they are at. These architecture have a resemblance of having a design of an amphitheater arena and serve a same purpose their unique style of how they design their space are different.
The Colosseum and the Frank Erwin Center have a component of presence, significance, emptiness and material to create an environment of space.
The presence of the Colosseum still stands in…

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