The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

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Throughout James McBride’s autobiography in “The Color of Water: A Back Man’s Tribute to His White Mother”, he struggles to find his identity and growing up. His experiences and curiosity can be viewed differently. James McBride’s childhood challenges your origins, multiplicity, neutrality, self and world.
Ruth McBride, the mother of James McBride expresses his mother childhood throughout the book. He shows the hardships she went through being pregnant at 15 with a black man, having a father who sexually assaulted her, and a family who didn’t support her decisions. Not only did she try to escape her parents and their ideas, she also hid her past from her children. Whenever they would ask questions about their mother past she would try to avoid it. McBride stated on page 35 “As I sat on the bus peering out the window a Mommy, the only white face in a sea of black faces…” showing how distinctive his mother really was. She could escape her Jewish family and live in the South however she couldn’t hide her heritage and race. She also couldn’t hide her childhood from James. McBride ended up going to his mother hometown to find out about her childhood. Personally you can’t escape where you come from because it shows in your features. Those experiences you have gained from the past have shaped us into what we are today. We shouldn’t try to escape it; instead it should be accepted and fought for. I tried once to escape my heritage because I was being bullied. In middle school I was…

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