Essay on The Color Of A Man 's Skin

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Famously said by Josephine baker. Discrimination throughout America’s past plays a big role in American society and culture today. For example, in To Kill a Mockingbird the color of a man’s skin decides whether he is innocent or guilty, and in The Help white people decide what kind of lives African Americans are allowed to live. In both stories the fate of black lives is in the hands of the white folk’s. Also, similarly in both stories the white folks always discriminate against blacks. In To Kill a Mockingbird a young girl named Scout grows up in a small town in the south. Her father is an attorney, and his biggest case is different from one he has ever had. For the first time ever he must defend a black man in court. Scout has to endure constant comments of hatred directed towards her father and her family as a whole, as well as non acceptance from her town. However, in The Help the main character is a young woman named Skeeter that lives in Jackson, Mississippi. The population of Jackson does not share Skeeter’s beliefs of equality among all and that marriage is not important. Skeeter must find a way to wake up her community from their ritualistic ways of discrimination even though she knows that no one supports her ideas. Scout and Skeeter respond to discrimination around them and directed towards them by rejecting it and disagreeing with it; therefore we see their moral beliefs through their reactions. Firstly, Scout reacts to instances of discrimination in many…

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