The Collection Of The Bushwick Collection Essay

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The Bushwick Collection is a small block located in Brooklyn, NY where street artists have permission to freely paint and showcase their artwork. This strip of concrete has become a huge tourist attraction, and artists travel all over the world for a chance to make their mark. However, while admiring the various murals, one can observe something out of place- amongst the intricate designs are brightly colored neon smiley faces. To some people, these smiley faces may seem like part of the original artist 's design, but they are in fact just a cover up, or an "artistic Band-Aid". What these Band-Aids are hiding are strategically placed tags, placed there by graffiti artists in an all-out defense against street artists. Unbeknownst to the general public viewing the artwork, this act is a mark of a defiance and the start of a war pitting street artists and graffiti writers against each other (Lu). Gentrification, class, and racial tensions have further divided this community of artists as they both struggle to compete for recognition, credibility, and space. To many people, graffiti and street art may be interchangeable terms. However, the two are very distinct styles and more importantly the public reactions between the two is drastically different. Both graffiti and street art are forms of contemporary artwork that are displayed in public places rather than a gallery. Graffiti writers view their art as a way to rejuvenate run-down, worn public spaces around their cities…

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