The Collapse Of The Han Dynasty Essay examples

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In the medieval era China was one of the most sophisticated countries in the world, superior to even Europe. In 618 China was unified under the reign of the Li family, who started the Tang Dynasty. during this time China expanded its influence by demanding tribute from Korea and Vietnam. A universal law code was made, and the dynasty reintroduced confucian scholars running the government. The 1,100 mile Grand Canal was built, which linked the Yellow River in northern China with the Yangzi River in southern China. This improved trade and overall communication in China. China was also a very isolated country and it wasn 't involved in other nations affairs. These are just a few of the many reasons China was superior to Europe in the medieval era. The collapse of the Han Dynasty and its massive armies was news that traveled far. There was a brief rule of several powerful warlords, a period known as the Three Kingdoms. However, they were more interested in conquering each other than protecting China, this lead to political divide. As in Medieval Europe, this had very bad consequences for Chinese security. At the end of the Three Kingdoms, barbarians stormed the borders to take China for themselves. They mostly ruled the North while the Chinese fought from the South. After an alliance was made between Turkish tribes and the Chinese were the Mongols pushed out of China.This wasn 't good for Europeans because when the mongouls fled from China, they migrated west, and later on…

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