The Cold War Essay

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On August 13th of 1961, the infamous Berlin Wall was built. The barbed wire and concrete separated Berlin into two different zones; East and West Berlin. This wall stood as an iconic symbol of the Cold War. This wall created pain, sorrow, and suffering for all Germans. Over a long 28 years of the standing Berlin Wall, the concrete that divided Europe stood through the rigorous tensions of political and physical war.

After WWII, Germany was split up into 4 different zones ruled by different countries. The western half was split into the British, American, and the French sectors. The Eastern half was controlled by the Soviet Union. Later, the western half unified into the Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet sector became the German Democratic Republic (also known as the GDR). The Soviet Union wanted the land that was the United States, Britain and France. Tensions began to rise between these states, the cold war started to begin. The war was over, the fight for land and who ruled the government. Each country fought for and exchanged their beliefs. The US wanted to rule under a democracy while the Soviet union was to rule as a communistic society under a dictator. War and the fight for beliefs began to rise and fall. In 1948, the Soviet blockade of West Berlin was to starve the Western allies out of Berlin. The allies came up with a plan called the Berlin Airlift to send food and goods to the western territories. More than 2.3 million tons of food were delivered the…

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