The Cold War Was The Hostile Relationship Essay

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The Cold War was the hostile relationship, between 1947 to 1989, which existed between the Soviet Union and the United States and other Western Nations This struggle for global supremacy is characterized by mutual distrust, espionage, the stockpiling of weapons, and a race to develop technologies. However, when it comes to blaming one side on the how this war started, the fault clearly lies with the Soviet Union. The Soviet leader at this time, Stalin, forced the spread of communism as he feared anyone else, especially the United States who were aiming towards helping other countries develop into a capitalist empire, as they now practiced. His attempts to force communism down Eastern Europeans throats was a major underlying cause of the Cold War. In addition to his unwarranted pledging for communism, Stalin broke all the promises made at the Yalta Conference and took over as dictator. This distrust and the broken promises to not only Eastern Europe, but also America proved that Stalin had to be stopped before he attempted to take over the entire world. Finally, the actions that the Soviet Union took in the Soviet zone of Germany, created a divide between East Germany, which was under Soviet power and West Germany, which conform to a western democracy. Although Germany was split up into four sections, as well as the capital Berlin, Stalin disregarded this agreement and fought to take over the entirety of Berlin. Based on Stalin’s actions, he was able to gain enough distrust…

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