The Cold War Was Inevitable Essay

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The belief that the Cold War was inevitable is completely false. Undoubtedly there would be tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union after the war, but to claim that their disagreements would inevitably result in some degree of a Cold War is inaccurate. Had the countries resolved their disagreements in a more diplomatic fashion, there would be no form of a Cold War, there would only be slight tension. To say that the Cold War was inevitable is to deny that Truman and Stalin and their inflexible definition of diplomacy were not key contributors to the Cold War. The Cold War was a contrived conflict, where two powers were ignorant towards the belief systems of each other. The roots of the Cold War were founded on speculation, a very unreliable way to conduct business with another country. Truman and Stalin were determined to prove that their country was more powerful; they became constantly paranoid that the other was going to somehow prove its superiority. The main cause of the Cold War was miscommunication followed by an unwillingness to fix these misconceptions. Both America and the Soviet Union were unwilling to sort through the problems they had. They never released the tension they felt towards each other, this tension was bound to come out, but each country suppressed its tension, and released it in devastating ways. The War acted as a buffer between the Soviet Union and the United Sates, since both countries had a common enemy they became closer as they…

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