The Cold War Was A Nation Driven By A Sense Of Supremacy And Self Righteousness

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The United States is a greedy nation driven by a sense of supremacy and self righteousness. With a long history of war and dispute over attempting to validate their message, the United States has interfered and damaged potential growth of nations in order to protect its interests. While Latin American nations are typically dismissed as disarrayed places full of corruption and inequality, the impact of American activity in these countries goes overlooked or dismissed as an attempt to assist gone wrong. Meanwhile, multiple occasions of American intervention have abruptly impaired the development of these places for the interest of the United States and its economic well-being.
The Cold War was a conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States, however the panic brought upon by the communist economy of the Soviet Union was one-sided. Despite this one-sided fear, Americans took it upon themselves to restrain the possible growth of communism worldwide, starting with their neighboring countries in Latin America. However, the Cold War was not the first time this affection of their own success regardless of the effect it would have on others arose. For instance, in 1916, the United States attempted to adopt the loans owed to Europe by Latin American nations. In doing so, the American government would be able to add additional fees that supported their economy in place of the European economy. Additionally, it would be able to be in financial control of it 's hemisphere.…

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