The Cold War And Today Essay

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The Cold War and Today
The Cold War lasted from 1947 to 1991 and changed America completely. The United States broke away from isolationism and began participating in world politics through organizations such as NATO and the United Nations, as well as many other coalitions and alliances. The Cold War pitted the U.S. and the Soviet Union against each other in a bitter rivalry, and some even went on to say the United States and the Soviet Union were reorganizing the world into what some called “a new world order”. The policy of communist containment caused the U.S. to become entangled with the development of many nations around the world. While today the Cold War conflict has ended and is considered by many as resolved, its legacy still has lasting effects.
Today the United States is involved in conflicts all over the world. The war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and against terrorism all have their roots during the Cold War. The Soviet-Afghan War took place in 1979, in which the United States and allies backed Mujahedeen insurgencies against the Soviet Union. Later these insurgencies would split off into different groups. One of these groups, known as Al-Qaeda, is a modern day terrorist organization formerly led by Osama Bid Laden (Milestones). In turn, the Soviet -Afghan War led to today 's conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East. In Syria and Iraq, the Soviet Union was involved in regime changes during the 1960’s that destabilized the region. Currently, the United States and…

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