The Cold War And The War On Terror Essays

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The Cold War and the War on Terror, two American wars fought in the name of Democracy. These two wars seem to be different, the United States entered them for different reasons and our enemies in these wars were completely different. Yet underlying this there are numerous similarities in these wars. These similarities can analyzed through events and documents from both wars. One of these examples is the massacre at My Lai, Vietnam, which happened on March 16, 1968. Soldiers entered this area believing it housed scores of Vietcong fighters. In reality, there were not any enemy fighter at My Lai and the soldiers ended up killing 500 Vietnamese civilians. Another example was the massacre at Haditha, Iraq, which happened on November 19 2005. A convoy of Marines and supplies hit an Improvised explosive device (IED) leading to the death of one marine. This lead to the killing of 28 Iraqi civilians killed in their own homes. These civilians died because marines thought they were a threat and responsible of the IED. Speeches from American leader can also help look at these wars, one of these is President Johnson (LBJ) Speech called “Why Vietnam,” where he gave the reason why the United States (US) was in Vietnam. A speech from the War on Terror is Cheney’s Speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars explaining why America needed to invade Iraq. Though looking at events and documents from both war their similarities and differences can be examined.
The major theme of Cheney’s speech…

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