The Cold War And The Soviet War Essay

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The Cold War is a name that is given to the relationship, which is mainly between the USA and the USSR after World War II. The Cold War was to go against international relationships for years that were causing major issues between the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary and the Berlin Wall, which was held in 1941 to 1991. The Cold War was an important event because it split into two sides that came to conflict with one another. In my opinion, I believe that The Cold War is important to us today because it has helped us figure our lives as of today. This event has stopped Communism from gaining power and also has helped us create many relationships, which has affected almost everyone today in one way or the other. The main characteristics of the Cold War were all identified between the United States and the Soviets. In the upcoming years, America’s role in stopping Communism was mainly because there was too much violence and cruelty going on as well as they were no longer to provide and protect for their region or for themselves. During the Cold War, the victims were describes as “People were starving and dying of hunger. We also began to see a lot of orphans with a drag of children’s” (The Century: America 's Time: Civilians At War). Due to the action of the leaders this took a huge role on the American’s at the time and their decision about Communism. Not only would they starve the community with hunger but also after they would pass away they would take their…

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