Essay about The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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During World War 2, the Soviet Union and the United States were still allies fighting against Germany and other Axis powers. At the end of World War 2, people could start seeing that both allies had many differences. The rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union eventually became known as the Cold war. Both sides didn’t have any weapons physically, but they did economically and socially wise. They both used propaganda, they engaged in spying, and they had different ideas to gain an edge in their thirst for global domination. The Soviet Union was to blame for the starting of the Cold War.

The three main causes of the Cold War were Spheres of Influence, Ideology, and Military Factors. Ideology is seeing things from a different perspective. Both the U.S and the USSR had different ways of looking at things. Military Factors is differences in the military expansion and that created conflicts. Even after World War II ended, neither side disarmed. Every time one side made a decision, the other side would question it, and they’d but heads. Spheres of influence is pampering with the elections. The west felt that Stalin never had the free elections in Poland as promised. While the Soviets did hold a vote, Churchill accused the Soviets of fixing the elections so the poles and other Eastern European nations elected communist governments. Stalin denied it, and he said he had lived up to the Yalta agreements.

The Soviets are responsible for the Cold War because the USSR…

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