The Cold War And How They Overthrew And Destabilized Governments Around The World

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The cold war was a fierce war between two conflicting ideologies. On one side you had the US and its allies, and on the other side you had the Soviet Union and its allies. It seemed pretty straightforward until you realize there was a 3rd faction. These were the group of countries that were not close allies of either nation. Both sides tried their hardest to spread their ideology and systems throughout the world. This essay will be focus on the US during the Cold War and how they overthrew and destabilized governments around the world. There were many negative effects for those countries, which caused anti US sentiments that still exist today, and it went against their ideology. The US these days is loved by many inside their country, but there is a lot of leftover hate coming from others around the world. You might ask yourself why? Why would nations hate the bastion for freedom that is the US? The thing that the government and its people seem to hold the dearest is the concept of freedom. During the cold war, the US saw itself as a representation of freedom and the capitalist way. The problem was that the US themselves would contradict the idea of freedom for the advancement of their influence which including propping up right wing regimes . For example, in Iran where the government was overthrown because they were wanting to nationalize BP (British Petroleum) after they refused new terms to the access of Iranian oil. In this case it was the UK and US that overthrew…

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