The Cognitive Theory Of Psychology Essay

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The cognitive theory to psychology is the most adequate approach out of the four theories. “We must realize that cognitive hygiene is as important subject as oral hygiene for healthy and happy existence.” (Ajmera, Aditya.) Understanding ccognitive theory is essential because in order to live a happy, fulfilled life we must understand ourselves, and our thought processes. This approach is the best because it is essentially the study of mental functions. Some of the mental functions contemplated are memory, perception and attention; which are crucial to understand what is going on in a person’s mind and the reason behind behavior. (Sincero and Sincero, cognitive learning theory. ) It is the most adequate approach because it essentially covers all aspects of psychology; from thought processes which influence and decide behavior, which then determines your life choices, therefore it is a critical approach to study.
Thought processes not only make up who we are, but decide our actions. Picture this- you see a house burning down. Your first reaction may be to call 911, yell for help or maybe even walk away; your reaction could be anything. The decider of your actions is your thought processes, which are determined by memories, perception and attention, all areas of cognitive behaviors study. Cognitive psychology explains how information is processed which is crucial to living a daily life. It is the hub for memory, attention, attitude and language which significantly influences…

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