Essay on The Cognitive Dissonance Affects The Individuals

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It is evident that an individual must have a mind free of bias in order to provide a concrete and unbiased judgment for others. The cognitive dissonance affects the individuals’ ability and proficiency to provide good judgments from a perceived and an observed situational occurrence. Dissonance can be eliminated by being conscious about what you believe in and avoiding conflicts between beliefs and behavior. Cognitive dissonance can be reduced by less paying importance on the beliefs that are subjective to conflicts. Individuals can also reduce cognitive dissonance by targeting the beliefs that are most supportive and challenge the importance of the beliefs and behaviors that are dissonant. Self-attribution can be seen in different parameters and angles. Individuals do not have the same intellectual capacity, the ways of perceiving and viewing things, weighing occurrences, making decisions and making attributions to others. Some individuals are well prepared for such tasks, but some are born with certain capacities that others have to gather through nature and nurture. These two words are dichotomously justified as related to adaptations or linked to the environmental conditions where individuals live. Naturally, individuals view things and appreciate situations differently. This regards how certain individuals have lived their lives from past experience which shapes their fashions of making attributions. Self–attribution based on nature and nurture can be…

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