The Codes Of Gender By Sut Jhally Essay

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The 2009 film The Codes of Gender by Sut Jhally, shows how advertising effects the way society views these gender roles. Today, advertisements change our perception on how we believe men and women should behave. This paper will discuss how the sociological perspective has helped me to understand these gender codes, how these advertisements effect how I interact with other people and how other people interact with me.
The sociological perspective has helped me to acknowledge the gender codes and the stereotypes that are made to go along with them. Looking at this issue with a sociological perspective has not only shown me how they affect the way I view other people but also how others view me. Looking with a sociological perspective I realized that we look and act the way we do because of how advertisements and other forms of media tell us we should be acting. When someone does not conform to those ways it does not mean that they are homosexual, different, weird or anything else it just means that this is who they are and how they want to be and even though society wants them to act a certain way they do not want to change to be suitable to societies norms. I like to believe that I do not let the opinions of others influence but in many ways they do have an effect on me.
When I first thought about whether or not these gender codes effect the way I view or interact with others I immediately thought they did have any effect on me. Once I looked deeper into it with a…

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