Essay about The Code Of Ethics For Public Administrators

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Public Administration Ethics for the 21st Century discusses a code of ethics for public administrators. Martinez argues that civil servants, public administrators, and non-profit administrators, as with other professionals, must have a standard code of ethics. However, there remains no such code. He contends the importance of a code by explaining that public administrators make decisions with ethical expectations. Martinez argues for five methods to administrative ethics.
“Ethics as a virtue” is, as Martinez explains, “virtue as character is the idea that certain more-or-less uncontested core values exist, and actions based on those values occur when people who understand the values and can act on the courage of their convictions are in a positions of trust.”
“Ethics as regime values, constitutional theory, and founding thought.” Constitutional theorists suggest the American system of government is an applicable source of ethics because of the regime create by the founders. Citizens, acting out of self-interest and a sense of common good, elect officials to represent their view. Therefore, ethics are embedded in our government. The difficulty being, the Founders did not face the same challenges that exist today. Attempting to apply philosophical works to real-world problems often brings about confusion because of the vagary. Martinez writes, it is difficult to understand the Founders perspective, but it is valuable task.
“Ethics as citizenship” is the duty of a…

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