The Code Of Ethics And Ethics Essay example

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This assignment provides a code of ethics and a general explanation of those that a marketing researcher should follow when conducting and delivering marketing research. The code of ethics I have established is suitable for the industry I currently work in, which is the alcohol beverage industry. I chose this format, so it will give a framework to building the code of ethics, and allow me to be more specific in explanations. Generally, many principles covered are recognized and included in code of ethics across multiple industries, as market researchers all face similar ethical issues. Establishing a strong moral code of ethics and enforcing them at all times is extremely important in this business, as in many others. Through the code of ethics, a company’s values and purposes are defined, and reflects the way they operate business.
The principles I have included are norms that decipher among the dos and don’ts in market research. It is also important, as I created my code of ethics, to remember that while an act may be legal it may be unethical or if an action is illegal it could still be borderline ethical, so I have done my best to include those gray areas, to ensure we are conducting business as ethical as possible. In this sense, lawyers are there to tell you what you can do, and ethics are there to guide you to what you should do. These principles serve as a procedure for standard of behavior as an employee and company, conduct research, analyze…

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