The Clinical Problem Of Nurses Essay

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The clinical problem: nurses need power in the work environment in order to improve patient care and to create change.
The research problem in the study is the nurses’ perception and use of power in the work environment.

The method chosen to study the nurses’ lived experience of power was hermeneutic phenomenology informed by Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy. In their study, the researchers have justified the research design. The choice of the hermeneutic method allowed them to both understand nurses’ lived experience of power trough their stories and to reflect on the meaning of nurses’ experience; thus, provided an added dimension of understanding. The uncovering of nurses’ own interpretations of their experiences of power is consistent with the philosophical framework of Merleau-Ponty. Therefore, I believe that the research design was appropriate to address the aims of the research.

B. Describe the use of the literature review? (1 point)

In the study, the researchers provided a short synthesis of previous research on nurses’ perception of power. They cited mostly studies older than 5 years old. However, they identified gaps in research about nurses’ perception of power. In addition, researchers indicated the weaknesses of the available studies. For instance, they pointed out that in studies they cited, some relationships between concepts may not necessarily reflect the nurses’ perception of power.
C. Discuss the ethical component of protection of human subjects (harm,…

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