The Clinic At York Law School Essay

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It may seem at first that there is a clear tension between the educational aims of a clinic and the legal service needs of clients. In fact, the York law School Clinic Handbook seems to make this friction clear in stating that students have to allow their professional obligations to the client to take precedence over the intended educational outcomes of the module. Nevertheless, I feel that my time in clinic has shown that the tension between these two aspects is entirely superficial.

Students may have an overriding duty to their clients but at the International Clinical Education Conference in 2005, Law School representatives stated that a clinic 'must be sustainable both educationally and professionally '. This focus on a clinic being maintainable for both clients and students suggests that tension between the two, if there is any at all, should not result in any real friction between them achieving their objectives.

The Clinic at York Law School has provided me with an unparalleled insight into the world of legal advice. From my experience it would be easy to say that there is a tension between the educational objectives of my module and the professional obligations that I owed to clients of the clinic. However, I believe that these tensions were in no way trifling in terms of my learning experience.

In my firm 's first case we were concerned with providing advice to a client in relation to them initiating divorce proceedings. We believed, after our interview, that…

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