The Clear Stance Of Being Aware Of The Essay

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The clear stance of being aware of positionality, or where one stands in society, is not an ability that one is born with. Positionality is something human beings will eventually come to learn through growth and experience. Noteworthy, is the idea that positionalities and standpoints change from culture to culture due to a wide variety of norms regarding gender, age, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, etc. As people come to understand their standpoint and their positionality, it is easier for them to understand how one’s position in society influences how and why they communicate with others the way they do. A better understanding also affects the ways in which this influence can be changed to better interact with those of other cultures, and the positive and negative impacts that can come about from better understanding other’s standpoints or positionalities. As a 22-year-old white female from a middle-class, Latter Day Saint family, I know that I am privileged due to the fact that I fit in with the majority of those in my geographical area of Salt Lake City, Utah. Sorrell states, “when we consider positionality, we are thinking about how we are positioned in relation to others within these intersecting social categories and how we are positioned in terms of power” (2013, p. 12). So one of the privileges that I hold through my positionality is power. Up until about three years ago, I followed the idea of ethnocentrism. I believed that my positionality automatically…

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