Essay about The Classroom : Ms. Yoder And I Have A Classroom

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About the classroom: Ms. Yoder and I have a classroom of 21 eighth grade students taking Pre-Algebra. One student in the classroom is on an IEP with multiple academic goals and a behavior goal. He is a level 3 student. This is Ms. Yoder’s first year in the district, therefore it is our first year working together. We are not co-teaching to the level we ultimately want to be, but we feel we are heading in the right direction. We are definitely get more comfortable with each other as our relationship has grown from the beginning of the year.

2/15(Lead and Support): Ms. Yoder started the year with a flipped math classroom, but we recently decided to go back to the more “traditional” method to see how or if student learning was impacted. Today, Ms. Yoder stood at the front of the room and lead the students through a lecture on how to compare the slopes of functions. We provide note guides to students who benefit from the accommodation, like IEP student M. I kept myself within close proximity of student M to ensure he was following along in the lecture, and provided writing support as needed. I also walked around helping Ms. Yoder with general classroom management. At the end of the lecture, students began their practice problems, and I assisted student M with getting started on his assignment. We started with me modeling the first problem on his paper, so he knew what his work was to look like.




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