The Classic Way Of Studying History Essay

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The classic way of studying history in high school and many college courses is by memorizing facts, regurgitating them, and throwing in a little analysis that was also memorized. However, history is more than just dates and facts. History is the why behind the facts and events. History is how people felt about the events, and whether they were expected or unexpected, and what the responses to those events were. And studying history is more than just textbooks. Classically, history relied on primary sources with secondary sources to describe them. In the past 100 years, the study of history has expanded, and historians began to specialize in using other forms of media as well, such as broadcasts and movies. These newer forms of media give a different perspective on history from the traditional materials, but the insight is no less valuable. While all three forms of media suffer from problems with objectivity, primary sources are best at giving a window into life of an author, movies excel most in emotional impact, and broadcasts give a window into the life of an audience.
Primary sources put us into the minds of the authors of the sources. Often the point of view or feelings of a primary source’s subject are the most valuable thing we can glean from it. Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis is often considered mainly a secondary source. However, when viewed as a primary source, the essay provides a viewpoint into the ideas of Turner and other historians at…

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