Historical Essay And English DBQ

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Writing is a big part of history that emphasizes analyzing facts, organizing one’s thoughts into a simple essay, and allowing readers to realize the writers’ perspective and compare their ideas.
A DBQ is a document based questioned essay. This means that the students receive numerous documents related to the topic of the essay that they are required to read in order to completely answer the essay prompt and argue their point of their thesis. The documents can be quotes, speeches, graphs and charts, news articles, and even political cartoons and images. Also, outside information can be used to boost scores and allow the writer to show the teacher or one grading the essay that they understand the topic beyond the given documents. A ‘long essay’
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First of all, in their introductory paragraphs, English essays require a hook as the first sentence to draw the reader in, whereas a historical essay’s topic sentence sets the time, location, and event. The body of an English intro paragraph introduces the book, its author, and background so the reader is not lost. The body of a historical essay’s intro paragraph consists of a two to three sentence historical background of the event mentioned in the beginning. Both essays must contain a thesis statement that leads into the point of the essay. The entire historical essay is written in past tense. Both essays analyze the prompts; however the topics are analyzed in different ways. Historical essays use hard facts that prove the thesis, while English essays use allegories, metaphors, and symbols. It is highly preferred for the writers of both essays to avoid using first or second person and write their essays in the third person. In comparison to AP European DBQs, both European and U.S. history essays must be particularly persuasive and require a strong and convincing thesis. Both essays must also group all of the related documents together and explain and assess them. In contrast, the European DBQs revolve around the documents and require point of views, inside to the author’s perspective of their document. On the other hand, the U.S. history essays revolve around outside information and allow point of views as one of various different

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