The Civil War : Harriet Tubman Essay examples

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The Civil War: Harriet Tubman’s Fight in Freedom The United States was still such a young country, not even a full century old, when the Civil War broke out. The U.S. had banded together and became independent of Britain, and now were on to face separate ideas and morals within their nation. Many people from both the north and the south would have a great impact in the Civil War and the outcome it would have on the future of the United States. One such person was Harriet Tubman, a young black woman born into slavery but with the heart and soul of a free woman. She would play a large part in freeing slaves before and during the Civil War, and even afterwards her acts would be known in the black community in her time and beyond.
The Civil War
The Civil War began in 1861 with many differences between the north and the south coming to surface. The north and the south were two entirely different economies, the south relied on agriculture and the north focused on industrial. Each economy relied on a different source of labor, the south had slaves and the north had an influx of immigrants who would work cheaply. The north was abolishing slavery, and the south began to feel as though the government was going to impose on their rights of slavery. During this same time, the United States was expanding territory and discussions of whether these new areas would allow slavery or not was of great concern. In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president and won on the…

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