The Civil War And The Reconstruction Era Essay

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The Civil War had ended and Abraham Lincoln, the President of The United States at the time had just issued the Emancipation Proclamation. This proclamation was delivered on January 1, 1863 and it declared the freedom of slaves in the United States. The release of this document was just the start of the post-civil war era and led to many factors that contributed to racism in America not only politically but economically and socially as well. The beginning of this post-civil war era marked what is now known as the reconstruction era. The reconstruction era took place between 1865 and 1877. There was a lot of work to be done in the South to repair and restore the damages that had been done during the Civil War. There were many hopefuls throughout country that wanted to help the South rebuild and become a part of the Union again. However, many southern states didn’t agree with the new laws passed by congress regarding the emancipation of slaves so they developed Black Codes. These Black codes were laws that basically took away standard rights and freedom of freed slaves in the South. These Black codes created a lot of continued tension between the North and South States. In addition to Black Codes, the Southern states established the Jim Crow Laws. These laws are slightly similar to the Black Codes, because they both took away rights from black people. The difference is that Jim Crow Laws were strictly segregation laws. The Jim Crow Laws were created to apply…

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