The Civil War And The End Of The War Essay

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The North technically won the Civil War but the South was victorious at the end. From Schurz perspective he said that “Northern victory had freed the slaves, he observed, but it had not changed the former slaveholders’ minds about blacks’ unfitness for freedom” (Roark et al 434) that being said the South went through a lot of trouble to prevent the slaves from having their rights.
“Reconstruction did not wait for the end of the war (Roark et al 435).” Reconstruction took place in 1865-1877 while the Civil War took place in 1861-1869. The southern states removed themselves from the nation however, Lincoln pardon the states and allowed them to return under certain terms. The states had to take responsibility for leaving the nation and accept the fact that slaves were now free this was Lincoln’s Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. “When 10 percent of a state’s voting population had taken an oath of allegiance, the state could organize a new government and be readmitted into the Union (Roark et al 435).” After President Lincoln was assassinated On April 15, 1865 Vice President Andrew Johnson took office. Johnson was a democrat who stayed loyal to the union and had previously owed five slaves. He had mixed feelings about slavery. He didn’t like the idea of Freedmen’s Bureaus, which distribute food and clothing, helped formers slaves find their family, they kept a list of former slaves looking for their family, as well as providing them with other forms of aid. After the…

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