Essay on The Civil War : A Bad Thing And A Good Thing

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THE CIVIL WAR The American civil war started in 1861-1865. This war was a bad thing and a good thing that happen during this war for example woman had the rights and how African American had the chance to be free and be like everyone else.But before I start telling what really happen I would like to tell you my opinion on the North and South . It was the bloodiest four years in American History It started when the confederate open fire on union-held fort in sumter in the south carolina 's charleston bay. In two days later Abraham Lincoln became president.On April 15 lincoln call for seventy five thousand volunteers to put down the southern rebellion.They made a move that prompted Virginia Tennessee arkansas And the North Carolina so they can reverse they self and vote.Some of the western like for instead the virginia didn’t like what lincoln say so they broke away and find another place and called it West Virginia .
For this whole term paper will be about the civil war how everything change around the 1860-1865 to now and how woman had the right to do anything they want. African had the right to fight in the war and was allowed to be free if they fight and how they fight for freedom and shows the white people that they are same and fight for the same reason.

In the north things were different they don’t have good soldiers. the economy was based on manufacturing.The north soil, climate was the smaller farmsteads rather than large plantation.They had…

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