The Civil Rights Movement: Summary

Gaines particularly written this novel to interpret the challenges that African American men faces including his own personal encounters during the civil rights movement. The Civil Rights Movement was one of the strategies propose by the entire black race to obtain racial equality, social acceptance and equal respect as an African American as it was given to the White supremacy. Even though this was a more credible strategy plan and demonstrated by blacks, it was the most ongoing, long process to demand and receive equal values that were given to the white community. This novel allows Gaines readers to fully understand the alternative strategies of removing oneself from entire race community that many individual black males had to partake in …show more content…
Gaines also used the character Jackson which portrays himself in the novel, by both being individuals who move to California and graduated from college to obtain better things and receives a higher values and respect as a black man in life than many other blacks and Cajuns that just settle with what society gave them. This proves that The Civil Rights Movement did influence Gaines writing and his actions and the actions of the characters that he uses to tell his personal experience during that difficult time and what he believes makes a man worthy to society. Based on the significant correlation between the racial time period, during the Civil Rights Movement, that blacks were fighting for racial equality, acceptance, and respect in which Ernest Gaines decided to publish and write his novel Catherine Cormier and the large amount of similarities of the actions that the characters Raul and Jackson displays throughout the story and Gaines actions during the movement indicates that this novel was created to present to us the difficulties that blacks encounter as a race during the movement and the actions that were applies to be recognize as an honorable and worthy black man while coexisting amongst with Cajuns and living in a World based around

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