Police Crutality In Black Boy, By Richard Wright

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As a young black male growing up in the rough south of America, Richard Wright learned very early of his place in society. Wright grew up in a world of poverty, hunger and a lack of education. But that didn’t stop his hunger for knowledge and his desire to become an established author. Richard Wright published Black Boy to pinpoint the struggles of Black Americans during the early 1900s. Richard Wright was born after the civil war, and before the civil rights movement. If he were to write a novel titled Black Boy today, he would write about the many changes in politics, the shocking dropout rate among minorities, and finally the current battle with racial profiling among police to citizen relationships.

As of the 2008 election, America
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Black man after black man we have seen die in the streets due to police brutality. Most of the fallen men were young black teenagers or men who were just starting their lives. With developing futures, and families that loved them, our hearts have broken over and over for these guys. White police officers have been bashed for their harsh behavior towards black men and children, but the court systems do not seem to give the justice needed for these racial profiling murders. If Richard Wright were to publish Black Boy now, he would have to focus in on the dangerous life of a black man staring down the barrel of a badged white man’s …show more content…
The article discusses the shooting as an unlawful racial profiling case. Berton describes the child who was killed, Derrick Gaines, who was only 15 at the time of his murder in June of 2012. The family of Gaines claims acts of racial profiling to be the reason their son was attacked and killed. Officer Cabillo of San Mateo County questioned Gaines and his 14 year old friend because they were “involved in suspicious behavior” around an Arco gas station in south SF. Thee families attorney states that there was no reason for the boys to be questioned, and officer Cabillo had no reason to suspect Gaines and his friend of illegal activities. In 2012 when this article was published, there was less news coverage of racial profiling cases such as Gaines’. However, in the latest years, the news has blown up with horrific hate crimes against young black males. Derrick Gaines is only one of the several popular cases, those also include the infamous Michael Brown case, which collected a great deal of media attention. This is so important because now we see this all the time. We have become okay with how this is happening all the time, and we do not even question it as much as before. If Richard Wright were around today to see this he would be sick. There is no doubt that he would question if

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