The Civil Rights Movement: Film Analysis

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The movie main point is how Dr. Martin Luther King uses his philosophy and ideology to speak out for those blacks that are vulnerable. He utilizes the organization of SNCC and the help of SCLC, which letting more people getting involved, to reveal the black consciousness propagating their thoughts of equalities. Especially, after the first marching of nonviolent protest, more people emerge and join them against the state of government (George Wallace). Because of this event, it led to many injuries and even several deaths, but it brought on stage that the media reported, and therefore, the dissatisfaction kept growing and under the power of SCLC, it influences more white people and blacks that would be joining them at the second marching (that …show more content…
Because whites have had a long history of ruling blacks, for them, they just couldn’t accept the reality letting them having the same rights, to be treated equally. Especially, the first few minutes in the movie when Oprah Winfrey who plays Annie Lee Cooper. She wants to register for vote which she has applied many times, and she could even recite the Constitution’s preamble, yet she is denied just because of a small little mistake. The reason why I want to talk about this is that there are still many African Americans that are being disapproved either by jobs or their cultural background. For many certain reasons, African Americans have the lowest incomes comparing to whites, and unemployment rates are even higher than whites. It does reflect America society, especially, when you compared to another country. Seeing like the big industries, the CEOs are mostly whites. So far what I have seen, there are only few African American CEOs. Maybe there are talented African Americans trying so hard just to blend into the white society, but the obstacles they have encountered make them tougher to pursue their

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