The Civil Rights Movement : Dr. Martin Luther King And John Lewis

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Solve For X Although president Abraham Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation in 1862 to end to slavery, white people persisted in oppressing and segregating black people. Life was segregated between blacks and whites: Black people had separate schools, restaurants, theaters, accommodations, and even transportations. As the oppression increased, some black people refused such harassment. Thus, many movements and marches were launched to achieve equality between whites and blacks. (Patterson).
Many black leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King and John Lewis, were distinguished by choosing a nonviolent path to defend Blacks’ rights. Besides Dr. King, John Lewis is considered one of the prominent leaders of the civil rights movement.
Lewis, a U.S. congressman now, revisited the civil rights movement by writing a graphic novel called March that illustrated his significant participations as a chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) (Lewis).
However, not all black leaders had the same perspective on defending their rights. While Dr. King and Lewis chose to protest, demonstrate, and march nonviolently, other leaders were promoting black people to violently defend themselves. Malcolm X was one of those leaders who encouraged people to choose this path.
Malcolm X was a black leader and spokesman in the Nation of Islam. Although he opposed the nonviolent movement led by Dr. King, he was one of the most influential people in the history of blacks and…

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