The Civil Rights Based Organization Essay

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The NAACP is the nations oldest, largest, and most widely known civil rights based organization. Their main purpose is to ensure the educational, social, political and economic equality of minority groups in the US and eliminate any prejudice. They seek to remove all racial discrimination through the democratic process. After a series of early court battles, including the Guinn V. United States, in 1910, the NAACP established an importance as a legal advocate. They have also learned to harness the power of publicity in 1915. The NAACP is greatly associated with the Democratic Party.
The AARP represents the needs of a lot of diverse people through lifestyle and political views. The AARP have learned to develop public policy that serves a very diverse group; though they do tend to focus on the most important issues to the 50-plus community. such as: economic security; health care; creating and maintaining livable communities; consumer protections; and ensuring that the democracy works better for all. Seeing as this group mainly focuses on the older age groups, they are more affiliated with the Republican Party.
The NRA is an American non-profit organization which advocates for gun rights. This group was founded in 1871 and started the firearm-related bills since 1934. They have organized rifle clubs in many states, as well as the National guard organizations sough NRA advice to improve members ' marksmanship. Because of their obsession with gun control, the NRA greatly…

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