Mission Of The NAACP

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Mission: NAACP
What is the group's mission?
The mission of the NAACP is simply to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality for all people regardless of the race. The NAACP’s mission is to end racial discrimination in several aspects (NAACP.ORG).
What causes do its members support?
The members of the NAACP support several causes such as the following:
• Criminal Justice: The NAACP understands the imminent risk of criminals and therefore recommends for smarter criminal justice policies to keep communities safe from all types of risks. (NAACP.ORG)
• Health: The NAACP also aims to end racial discrimination to colored people in the health care fields. Through the four tiered approach, the NAACP hopes to improve the well being
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These magazines were published to promote the voice for civil rights. Additionally, during 1913 the NAACP had several offices in big cities such as Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland, Kansas City, Washington D.C.; Detroit, Michigan and St .Louis, Missouri. Through these branches the NAACP grew larger and larger. The NAACP also had great contribution during the Civil Rights Era. The NAACP contributed to getting the Civil Rights Acts of 1957, and 1964 passed and also the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Through the NAACP, African Americans and other colored people gained crucial rights.

What are the main ways they promote their agenda?
• Media: One of the main methods that the NAACP promotes its agenda is through advertising on the media. Through the media, the NAACP can attract a greater and broader audiences to convey their message.
• Litigation: Through the process of gaining rights from courts, more crowd is attracted and the agenda is promoted by showing what the NAACP stands for. For Example, Brown v. Board of Education was a very important court case which brought lots of controversy but in the end the message of the NAACP won which was discrimination must not happen in the educational system.
What is the size of their
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Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. Through courts the NAACP can continuously fight for what it stands for. (NAACP.ORG)
Do they use grassroots lobbying techniques?
• Yes, one of the ways the NAACP lobbies Congress is through building and developing grass root support for what the group stands for. The NAACP informs citizens about its mission to gain more support.

Which form of lobbying do they use most often?
• One of the most common forms of lobbying that the NAACP uses is litigation. The NAACP uses the courts to show what it supports and promotes civil rights.
• When the courts are not in use, the NAACP lobbies Congress in the civil rights and liberties policies through several techniques.
Is it a partisan group? If so, with which party would each group associate?
• Since the NAACP is a 501(c) (3) organization, all the activities carried out must have a non-partisan purpose and the NAACP may not endorse a particular candidate or party. (NAACP.ORG)
• Though the NAACP is a non-partisan organization under the regulations, I would infer that the organization is likely to support the democratic side for policy issues like

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