San Pedro Description

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Cities of San Pedro and Torrance
The city of San Pedro is a coastal community located in the city of Los Angeles, covering 12.046 square miles. It is port city that is neighbors to the cities of Long Beach and Wilmington to its East, Harbor City to its North, and Ranchos Palos Verdes and Lomita to its West. Housing a portion of the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, is known as a blue collar town. With consideration to national averages the city of San Pedro is considerably high in both violent and property crimes. The scales are set on a range of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most crime, and San Pedro 's property crime coming in at 79.9 (national average 41.4) and violent crime is set at 74.7 (national average 43.5).
Torrance is also coastal
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The population is comprised of 44.2% white, 40.8% latino, 6.1% black, 4.8% asian and 4.1% other. According to the Los Angeles Times, these figures set San Pedro as one of the most diverse cities in Los Angeles. The average age of a San Pedro resident is about 34, making approximately $57,508, which would fit the average income for other cities in Los Angeles. The percentage of San Pedro residents with a 4 year college degree (22.8%) is far below the national average (38.8%) according to U.S. Department of Education. The average rate for unemployment in the city of San Pedro is currently 8.59%, as compared to the national average of 6.14%.
Torrance has a population made up roughly 147,478 citizens, with a median age of around 42 making it an older city with regards to the population of San Pedro. Much like San Pedro, Torrance is an ethnically diverse population made up of 51.1% white, 34.5% asian, 16.6% latino and 2.7% black.After Honolulu, Torrance has the greatest amount of Japanese-Americans in any U.S city and this is largely due to the fact that after WWII Torrance was one of the only cities to allow non-U. S citizens to acquire
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First off our group got realized how difficult it is to maneuver within the mass transit system. Each city has tends to have their own bus routes and figuring out times and destination is no easy task. On our ride up to San Pedro from CSUDH we noticed how compact the city of San Pedro really is, in comparison to a city like Torrance. Also, we noticed more fast food chains and liquor stores popping up on street corners as we continued our ride through San Pedro. Another common site where medical marijuana stores and pawn shops. In contemplating our own experiences, our group had started to see a correlation between a cities economic status and the rate of unhealthy and potential dangerous stores available to the

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