The City Of Hollywood Restaurants Essay

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California is a great place to enjoy fine dining, quantity or quality food. There several thousand restaurants and fast food businesses in Los Angeles county alone or you can have dinner at home. The best area in Los Angeles county to enjoy fine dining and quality food is on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Here you are able to see movie stars, athletes, tours, and ordinary families; while receiving a great steak on a sidewalk patio table of a Five Star restaurant. However, as the writer Dave Sedaris stated, “Then, too, the more you pay the less they generally give you to eat.” Sedaris’s quote is very true. The city of Hollywood restaurants is known for having very nutritious foods, because of this matter; the food portions are very small. Although, the portions are small, the prices are high because of the people you are surrounded by while you’re enjoying your meals. The meals are not the same size portions as your mother or grandmother would give you at your family dinner. Although, California is a great place to enjoy fine dining, quantity or quality food. Eating at California’s fine dining restaurant are always fun and nice, but having a quantity and quality food while dining with family is preferred. Going to restaurants with family was always nice, but wasn’t as fun as eating dinner at home with family. When eating at a fine dining restaurant your unable to take your time to appreciate relaxing and uncontrollable laughing with friends or family. Most…

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