The City Is An Independent Creature Of The State Essay

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The city is often thought of as a creature of the state. The city owes its existence to its sovereign national state. The sovereign grants the city its police powers. The state either delegates to the city some of their powers or they are granted to the city. Therefore, the city is a creature of the state. However, historically this incorrect, the city is an independent creature that exists on its own, regardless of a sovereign national state.
The cities of Jerusalem, Warsaw, and Berlin are older than their national sovereign. It cannot be said that all three cities are creatures of the state. If they were, all three cities would have died with their national sovereign. Instead, these cities continued to exist despite the absence of a national state. It cannot be said that cities that are older than their respective national states are creatures of their respective state. Therefore, the city must be an independent creature.
This paper is split into four sections. Section I one will cover some, of the scholarly literature already written on these cities. As well, as historical legal documents pertinent to each city.
Section II examines the city as an independent creature. It is split into three subsections. Subsection one examines the historical view of the city. Subsection two discusses how each city functioned historically. Subsection three briefly examines the city as the historical capital.
Section III discusses the city under occupation. It…

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