The Church Of The New England Essay examples

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Growing up in New England suburbia, Catholicism has been a prevalent part of the society in which I grew up. I was baptized into the Catholic Church at just a few months old, though it was more a gesture for my grandmother who was in hospice than it was about my parents’ passion for the church. As a child, I was not interested in attending Mass on Sundays, nor was I engaged in the Catholic school I attended for three years, until third grade. I spent years resisting the socialization that was trying to mold me into an obedient little Catholic girl. Starting as early as third grade, when I transitioned back into public school, my classmates were aggressively trying to convince me that my lack of religion would land me in Hell. At only eight years-old, my social role was defined for me. In my predominantly white, upper-class, Catholic community, my fellow third graders expected me to conform to their religious beliefs. They noticed that I wasn’t at their church on Sunday mornings or in their CCD lessons on Tuesday afternoons, and they punished me for it. Despite the intense scrutiny from my classmates, my mind did not change. Of course there were moments when my friends would all leave for CCD lessons that I wished I were a part of the group, but overall my mind was made up. At the time, my aversion to religion was based on nothing more than my lack of interest in sitting still and quietly for a few hours each week, and the fact that my parents were not passionate enough about…

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