Essay on The Christmas Oratorio By St. Matthew

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Over the next 25 years he continued to add to his massive repertoire. The Christmas Oratorio, St. Matthew’s Passion and Well-Tempered Clavier Part 2 are a few examples of some of his major works. In 1729, he obtained a position as the director of Leipzig’s music club. He wrote music for the orchestra and they performed once a week (Koster). He was immersed in music until the year before his death. His last great work, the B minor Mass was finished in 1749 (Koster). At the end of his career, Bach suffered failing health and failed eyesight from the time spent writing music in poor light. On July 28, 1750, at the age of 65, Bach suffered a stroke at home and died a few hours later (Pniewski, par. 16). His extensive musical career was over. But, his musical influence was not over, it spans the generations.
During Bach’s lifetime he was known as an organ and keyboard virtuoso and composer. After his death, perceptions of his greatness changed slightly. In the 1800s, he was acknowledged as the “first Classicist” (Pniewski, par. 22) because he died on the verge of the Classical period and his music displayed characteristics of the Classical period. A famous and impressive performance in 1829 of St. Matthew Passion conducted by Felix Mendelssohn, brought Bach fully to the attention of the music world (Pniewski, par. 19). The performance aroused awareness of Bach’s impressive music. By the 1870s, more than a hundred years after his death, his reputation rose as a great man of…

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