The Christmas Carol: Comparing Book And Movie

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The “Christmas Carol” is very-well known around the world. Both the movie and book is loved by most people, but they have many differences. All families with children usually watch it, or read it around the christmas season. Yes, some people think it’s dumb, but it shows a lot of potential to what Christmas is truely about.It’s not about spending money, or who has the most Christmas lights and decorations up, it’s about a special time of year when god had showed his great love for us. It’s a time for healing and renewed strength, Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Christ. The book and movie on “The Christmas Carol” will show you the true meaning of Christmas, and not some phony Christmas full of selfishness and hate. The movie and the book are very different. The movie tells the story, and parts differently. It shows the three spirits’ visuals differently. The first spirit was dressed in a dress trimmed with sunflowers, when in the …show more content…
Scrooge saw Marley as a ghost, and Marley gave him the same talk about what’s going to happen to him like it had happened to Marley. Scrooge got scared, and they did the same thing, he said that he believed in ghosts, but he was thinking that he didn’t, Marley knew that he didn’t think it was real, so Marley yelled at him. So, Scrooge had gotten scared of Marley The ghosts of the past,present, and future came out at the same times they were supposed to. Now, after the spirits visited Scrooge had woken up with a different mood. He had the Christmas spirit, Mr Scrooge had even bought a prize turkey for Bob Krachet, he had donated a lot of money to a charity,Scrooge had even met his nephews wife, Scrooge had even screamed out to the world Merry Christmas and happy new year! Although he had said Bahumbug before, he was the happiest one in the world on the day, he had even accepted his nephews request t0 go to their Christmas

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