The Christian Ministry Of Missions Essay

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Introduction Something that was really important in Church history was the spreading of the word of God. Many people have dropped everything and went out and told people about who God is and how to live in a lifestyle that is devoted to God. Jesus has told us, in Matthew 28, to go out and share what we have learned from him to all the nations. There are so many people who have taken this commandment to heart and as a result have impacted Church history and also have made an impact on how missions is portrayed today. Ulfilas and Paul are prime examples of missionaries who have impacted Church History. They have influenced the Church through people utilizing their stories and what they did as missionaries for key examples in the Christian Ministry of Missions. In this paper I will be covering Ulfilas and his ministry to the Goths and I also will be discussing Paul and his many missionary endeavors to people around the Mediterranean Sea. Again, both these men made a big impact, not only on the people they were ministering to, but also changed and influenced Church history.

Who was Ulfilas? Ulfilas was born in the year 311 to parents who were both Cappadocian and Gothic. During the time of his birth, the Cappadocians were captured by the Goths and were re-located to an area by the Danube River. The Goths were claimed to be vagrant and have barbarian characteristics as well. This claim was given because they didn’t claim one area or one religion of the major governments…

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