Christianity In The Roman Empire Essay

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The Spread of Christianity in Roman Empire
By around the time of 312 A.D. it is believed that one in ten people in the Roman world classified themselves as Christians. The spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire evolved with the act of war. As the power hunger Rome conquered and won over a vast amount of cities, they also had a mix of a variety of cultures. As they took people from all over Europe as either slaves or granted them citizenship, different cultures started to emerge. Rome came to a time of peace as Caesar Augustus became King. He inaugurated the pax romana, or Roman Peace era. During this time it was considered safe among the roman world and freedom of movement. This is when the Christian ideas of religion began to spread.
After Jesus died, the flame he left on the Jewish people was still alive. His teaches spread all over the communities of the vast Roman Empire like a forest fire. It was no
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It is said that he walked over 10,000 miles in traveling from city to city. Paul went to the cities that were filled with the poor. He believed they would be the people the Christian message would have the most impact on. Paul spoke to people in their homes and synagogues. The difference between Paul and Jesus was that Jesus only spoke to the Jewish people, but Paul stepped out of those boundaries and spoke to people of different religions. They were called the gentiles, or the non-Jews. As Paul took the teachings to the gentiles, this was one of the predominant reasons behind the rapid spread of Christianity. Paul was known as the Apostle of the gentiles putting him on the same level as Peter who was the leader of the disciples picked by Jesus to spread the Christian faith. As the Christian movement started to accept the gentiles, the rules that followed the Jewish religion began to relax, and Christianity began a new, separate

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