The Children 's Activity I Spy Assists Participants Essay

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The children’s activity I Spy assists participants in identifying objects in their world. While practicing awareness of the world is a vital lesson, do participants lack deeper levels of mindfulness? For example, people pinpoint objects in their physical environment with I Spy, but they may not notice how their cultural socialization promotes social stratification. Tracy Ore (2014) states that society socializes its members through their interpersonal interactions and society’s institutions (pp. 8-9). As I have progressed in my social work studies, I realize the educational and family institutions have given me an implicit knowledge that being white is superior to being a minority.
The Influence of my Educational Institution Education is a beneficial tool because knowledge of different subject areas can create opportunities for children. Yet, schools additionally teach students where they belong in a stratified, limiting society in indirect ways. Throughout my history courses, I learned that explorers and settlers enculturated the savage Indians. Textbooks emphasized how whites built their wonderful communities after ridding the land of Native-American influence. I now know this story is not accurate. In Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, Chicano Studies professor Rodolfo Acuña (2015) notes that Western thinkers “disrespect or slight” Indian history because “it challenges the legitimacy of [Western] conquest” (p. 1). Since most history textbooks focus on Western…

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