The Childhood Memories Of St. Hugh 's College Of Oxford University

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The earliest childhood memory I have was my mothers tears running onto my face at a very young age. At the time I had no idea what was the big problem, but father never seemed to come home which angered my mother. The exact date or year I cannot seem to remember, however the present date is 1964, when my mother told me what happened to Aung Sun my father. The rivals of the Burmese army had assassinated him. A truly terrible tragedy to a great man in politics.
Mid of 1967
St Hugh 's College of Oxford university, is one of the most prestigious schools in the world which had always been on my top college list. This coming week I will be graduating from there with a Bachelors in Economics, Philosophy, and my favorite Politics.The sign of justice and fairness for all has always intrigued me. Maybe one day I could continue fathers legacy in Burma and make my mother proud. By the way I met a cute boy in Bhutanese studies named Michael Aris. Maybe something will work out with us.
August 28, 1988
Burma had reached great suffering. My mother was hospitalized and Burma is in a mess. This brought me to believe my country needed me. Over 10,000 people were killed by the call of U Ne Win, Burma 's leader. Human 's rights are being taken away illegally and nobody is stopping it. The country of Burma is a beautiful country with great people yet a horrific side of poverty, famine, and many drugs. This concludes me to believe my country needs a change and that change is democracy. Two…

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