The Child That I Tested For The Pls 5 Test Essay

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The child that I tested for the PLS-5 Test was a four-year-old girl named Katelyn. Katelyn did pretty well for her chronological age, and she tested into the age equivalence bracket of four to seven years old. She is a very bright girl, although there are some weaker areas that she struggled with. Her focus on the test also varied throughout the test. At the beginning of the test, she was focused on the test and answered the questions quickly, but towards the end of the test session, she was barely paying attention to the test, and would intentionally give a wrong answer to a question. This was an interesting project to do, and I do think there is room for me to improve for when I test children with the PLS-5 in the future. Katelyn’s scores were pretty good for her chronological age, and her performance was definitely within normal limits. Her auditory comprehension scores were good, and she had a raw score of 50, which correlates to a 106 standard score. The 95% level of the confidence interval is 98 to 113. Her percentile rank was 66 and the age equivalent was 4-7 years old. Her expressive communication scores were also good. Her raw score for expressive communication was 51, which correlates to a 109. She had a higher percentile rank, 73 and the confidence interval for her standard score is 102 to 115. Her age equivalent is also higher, being 4-8 years old. As for her total language score, her raw score was 101, and her standard score total was 215. The percentile rank…

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