Essay on The Child Parent Relational Distress

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The population that I will exam is the child parent relational distress in the military; I will address the Social problems including withdrawal, loneliness, loss of confidence, school problems, learning disorders, anxiety and depression (McLeod, Wood, & Weisz, 2007) , alcohol and drug abuse (particularly associated with mental illness), suicide or self-harming, theft and criminal behaviour. Discipline problems including selfishness, defiance, unstable behaviour, recklessness, deceitfulness, violent behaviour and disruptive behavior (McLeod, Wood, & Weisz, 2007). Educational problems: including disruptive behaviour, bullying and decreased learning ability and academic achievements. This can be prevalent when parenting a child while the one of the parental figures is in the military (McLeod, Wood, & Weisz, 2007).
What brings these families into therapy?
Families in this type of dynamic seek therapy for a couple of reasons, one they did not grow up in this type of environment themselves and therefore have never seen any parent in this type of situation therefore they are seeking guidance. Second they feel that they’re child is having behviour issues and don’t feel capable of parenting their child properly without the added support. Their spouse is away on deployment and need some extra guidance. And or they were recommended by some third party i.e. the court, school, a health department, and or a family member/friend/acquaintance recommended they seek some…

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