The Chief Executive Office And Chairman Of Xerox Corporation Essay

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Ursula Burns is the Chief Executive Office and Chairman of the Board of Xerox Corporation, positions she has held since 2009 and 2010, respectively. (Ursula Burns, CEO, n.d.) She is the first black woman to run a Fortune 500 company (The Associated Press, 2016) and the first woman to succeed another woman heading a Fortune 500 company (Beck, 2015). In the most recent ranking, Xerox came in at number 143 on the Fortune 500 list (Fortune 500, 2016), with an average ranking of 130 on the Fortune 500 since 2000, as compiled from year-by-year rankings. For 2015, Xerox reported over 18 billion dollars in revenue and almost five billion dollars in gross income. (Xerox Corp., 2016)
As a woman, I wanted to write, and learn, about a female in an executive leadership position. At the time of Ms. Burns’ ascendency to the CEO position, women comprised almost sixty percent of the total workforce, but only sixteen percent of the top corporate seats. (Byrnes, 2009)
In 2014, women held just 19.2 percent of board seats at Fortune 500 companies, yet research shows that women have a positive impact on corporate performance. Corporations with female board directors have better-performing stock in a weak economy along with an overall higher return on equity and fewer scandals with their leadership. (Paquette, 2016) In fact, there is growing awareness that women need to be better represented on corporate boards, not only for the diversity they bring (Catalyst Taps Global Leaders to…

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