The Characteristics Of Samson's Theory Of Management

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Samson states that management is setting an organization goal in an efficient and effective manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling organizational resources. Like wise the employee who is hired to set organization goal by managing organization are called managers. Managers should have different types of skills and talent in order to maintain the standards level of an organization. Don marit states that person should master their work in order to become skilled manager. 21 st century is a platform of computation, so in order to get a role of manager in a company the skills to make a difference should be required.

This is 21st century, It can be seen that change is occurring, technology is emerging, education
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As they gain all the skilled required,They can plan, organize, lead and control the organization. They can set objective and undertake planning. They can identify goals for future. And set a task or work that should be undertaken in future in order to gain success. They organize themselves. They start to attend the goles they have planned before. They can assign and group responsibility of tasks in different levels of employees. Managers will be able to lead their staffs in order to complete their tasks. They can be able to communicate their vision to their staffs, motivate and lead them. So after they can control the organization. They are able to control their staffs, finance etc. in order maintain the continuous flow of organization. They are able to control and change the plans and procurers of work in company in order to move towards the goal. In this way they can achieve organizational …show more content…
The managers and management assign tasks to their employees, allocate the resources and manage dispute in organization. For example, Abrahams Grocery having 200 store faces the problem of disputes between the managers. . As a store consist of 4 managers from meat, productive and grocessary department (store manager) ,Each managers directly report to the same category district managers instead of store manager Because the store manager does not have any control over the other departments. As they have direct line of authority in the management system the dispute occur when the store manager plans to promote sales of coke in the store. The meat and productive department rejected the idea and did not give space to store and display the product. Due to this dispute constant was hired and was decided that they would use senior to junior decision management strategy. As the entire manager should report to store manager and the store manager should report to the district supervisor. In this way all the department managers can work together, have better communication and manage the store this way direct line of authority was changed to high level to low level in order to organize store

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